Walley Naylor Obituary, Death, In Loving Memory of Walley Naylor

Walley Naylor Obituary, Death – I was hit with a wave of melancholy on Monday night when I learned of my beloved friend Walley Naylor’s dying. Walley was a genuine traveling companion in life, not simply a friend. Vibrant conversations and arguments about politics and the difficulties our state and community faced helped to cement our bond.

Then sit down to a meal together and laugh it off the next, which is a testament to how close we were. Due to our mutual love of having intelligent, impassioned disagreements, our friendship was dynamic. I will always appreciate the meals we had at Basil’s and Piccadilly’s, our beloved Blue Monday get-togethers, our weekly phone conversations, and our sporadic fishing excursions..

Beyond the fun times, Walley was an incredible friend who over the years often gave me support and wise counsel. In my personal and professional life, his knowledge and perceptions served as a source of inspiration and direction. Walley has a remarkable capacity to simplify complicated subjects, pushing my critical thinking and enabling me to see things from several angles. There is a gap left by Walley Naylor that is difficult to replace.

We will all miss him terribly, myself included, as will everyone who had the honor of knowing him. We shall always cherish his loyal friendship and the innumerable experiences we shared. I am reminded of the significant influence my beloved friend had on my life as I say goodbye to him. Walley, may you rest in peace and know that everyone who knew and loved you will always cherish your memory. Your companionship was a wonderful blessing. I appreciate your relationship, brother Walley, and thank you for it.

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