Uriah Lewis Missing, Chula Vista Missing 2 Year Old Male

Uriah Lewis Missing – Uriah Lewis, a teenage fugitive who is currently in jeopardy, can be located with your assistance. The last time anyone saw him was at 8:30 this morning in the 1700 Block of Metro Avenue in Chula Vista. Uriah Lewis, age 2, has been missing since he disappeared from his house in Chula Vista, and there is currently a frantic search for him. The absence of this little child has caused a great deal of anxiety across the town, and members of the community as well as local law enforcement organizations are trying tirelessly to locate him.

The last place that anyone saw Uriah was at his house in the Chula Vista community of. After his family realized that he was no longer at home, they made a report on him as missing after filing the report. Since his time, the authorities have mobilized a large number of search resources, including K-9 teams, drones, and local volunteers, in an effort to locate Uriah as quickly as they possibly can.

In light of the fact that time is of the essence in this critical circumstance, the authorities are pleading for anyone who may have information regarding Uriah’s whereabouts to come forward without delay. Uriah has changed his appearance significantly since we last saw him sporting. It is every parent’s greatest nightmare for their child to go missing, and the community of Chula Vista has come together in support of Uriah’s family in the hopes that they will be reunited with Uriah as soon as possible and in good health. Please get in touch with the local law enforcement agency if you have any information that can lead them to Uriah and allow them to return him to his family. Your assistance is essential in our efforts to find and bring back unharmed the toddler who has been missing for the past two days.


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