Sue Shaffer Obituary, Family And Friends Mourns

Sue Shaffer Obituary, Death – Our hearts are heavy with grief as we share the devastating news of the sudden passing of our dear friend and colleague, Sue Shaffer, the beloved manager of our Bloomsburg store. This past weekend, Sue fell seriously ill, and we lost her far too soon.

Sue was not just a manager; she was the heart and soul of our store. Her presence was a beacon of light, and her unwavering strength and warmth touched us all. We will forever miss her infectious laughter, her zest for life, and the way she transformed our store for every holiday, infusing it with joy and marking each occasion with love.

One of the many ways Sue showed her love and care was through her remarkable birthday cards. She had a unique and endearing tradition of stalking our Facebook pages, selecting a picture of us, cutting out our heads, and pasting them into cards that she either purchased or lovingly crafted herself. These cards were a source of endless amusement and always left us in fits of laughter.

Sue had a razor-sharp wit and an uncanny ability to crack a clever joke, leaving us doubled over in laughter. She was our provider of treats and surprises, always making sure to bring us little goodies that brightened our days. To our children, she was “Auntie Sue,” and she showered them with cards, gifts, and proudly displayed their artwork above her desk.

Sue was not just a colleague; she was a true friend, mentor, and even a mother figure to many of us. Her boundless energy was a marvel; she could outpace any of us at work, and retirement was simply not in her vocabulary. She adored her work, and this is where all of you come into her story. In her final days.

Sue thought of you—all of the many, many people who were more than just “customers” to her. You became her friends, her extended family, and people she genuinely cared deeply about over the years. Sue cherished the sense of community she found in her work, and she was profoundly grateful for the relationships she built with each and every one of you.

We are incredibly thankful to you for giving Sue the precious gift of knowing you and sharing in your lives. Her earthly journey has come to an end, and she has been promoted to Heaven. We loved her deeply, and her memory will forever live on in our hearts. In this time of profound loss, we stand together as a community, united by the love and warmth that Sue brought into our lives. Let us remember her with fondness and gratitude for the beautiful moments she shared with us. Sue’s legacy of kindness, laughter, and love will remain with us always.

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