Steve Alfred Obituary, A Cherished Soul Has Passed Away

Steve Alfred Obituary, Death – Anthony Steve Alfred, often known as “Fatman” or “Go Coolie,” was a member of our community who was held in high esteem by many people. We must share the news of his passing with you with heavy hearts and deepest condolences; he will be greatly missed. Anthony was a successful merchant and mechanic in his birthplace of Piaye, which is also where he built his home. He was well-known and respected in the community.

Everyone in the neighborhood who knew and cared about him was happy to see him around, and they expressed their gratitude for his presence. Anthony went away suddenly on Friday evening, September 15, at 10:30 p.m., leaving all of us in a state of disbelief and loss in his wake. His passing away at such a young age of 52 serves as a sad reminder of the precarious nature of life and the significance of relishing every time we get to spend with the ones we care about the most.

During this period of grief for Anthony, let us not forget the love and warmth that he brought into the lives of those who had the good fortune to know him. His background as a hardworking mechanic and successful businessman is a testament to his dedication to his job and the long hours that he put in. He worked. Our sincerest condolences and sympathies are sent to his family as well as all those who shared his life and were affected by his passing. Please be assured that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

The anguish that comes from losing a member of one’s own family who was much loved cannot be adequately described. May Anthony, on his journey through the afterlife, find the serenity that surpasses all understanding, and may he also be afforded the opportunity to look over his daughters, whom he loved very much. All of the people who were fortunate enough to count him as a friend will take comfort and be inspired by the idea that his legacy will endure for all of time.

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