Pullman Man Found Dead From Apparent Suicide

Pullman Man Found Dead From Apparent Suicide – On Wednesday morning, the Pullman SWAT Team recovered the body of a Pullman man who had allegedly committed suicide on Sunnyside Hill. This brought an end to a standoff scenario that had been taking place at that location for the previous few days.

Around 9:30 in the morning, officers from the Pullman Police Department were dispatched to the Whispering Hills neighborhood after receiving a tip that a person there was contemplating ending their own life by taking their own life. When the police officers came, they located the person hiding in a pond that was located next to the apartment complex. After making an attempt to approach the man, someone fired a single shot, and then they heard more shots being fired after that. As a result of the shooting, law enforcement officers were compelled to take cover.

The officers attempted to have a conversation with the suspect through the use of a bullhorn. The Regional SWAT Team from the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office was called to the area, and authorities also used two flash bangs, in an effort to get a response from the individual who was present there. After afterwards, at about 11:45, SWAT came on the site and located the body of the man that had been drowned in the pond. There were no shots fired by law enforcement agents at any time during the event.

During the incident, Wawawai Road was closed near the neighborhood, and residents of the area were given the instruction to seek cover inside their homes. The Washington State University Police Department, the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office, the Moscow Police Department, and the City of Pullman Fire Department were all contacted for assistance.

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