Nicole Monteiro Obituary, A precious soul has passed away

Nicole Monteiro Obituary, Death – It would be an understatement to say that Michael and I are devastated. The news of Nicole Monteiro’s passing saddens me greatly. She had a significant influence on our life, particularly during those trying days in the NICU. Madison’s NICU bed was next to her son Stephen’s. For all of us, Nicole’s tenacity and continuous support were a comfort during a very trying period.

If I’m being very honest, she was my accomplice there; at times, we really gave the nurses and physicians a hard time. In the end, they moved the children’s beds apart  I knew then that she was my kind of person. We have laughed and cried a lot during the past six years. Although I’m happy we were able to see her this summer, I wish I had realized it would be my last.

Nicole was not just a friend; she was also a fantastic mother who had an unwavering and intense affection for her two children, Stephen and Bryan. Every hug, smile, and memory she shared with her family demonstrated her remarkable commitment to them. Her enduring link with her spouse Jesse was beautifully demonstrated by her affection for him.

Nicole excelled as a teacher at Galaxy Elementary, even above her roles as a wife and mother. Her attitude to her work demonstrated her passion for education and developing young minds. She had the honor of teaching countless kids, and her influence on their lives will never cease. Along with honoring Nicole’s memory, let’s honor her legacy. She had an enormous impact on our lives and served as a constant reminder of the value of love, family, and pursuing our dreams with tenacity. Our hearts hurt for her boys and her husband, Jesse Monteiro, as they grieve her passing. Her memory will always be a benefit to all those who loved her and were loved by her.

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