Melissa Garcia Arellano Car Accident, San Francisco Bay Area CA, Family Mourns

Melissa Garcia Arellano Obituary – On Friday evening, there was a collision on Railroad Canyon Road just west of Goetz Road that involved many automobiles, as indicated by a report from the Canyon Lake Fire Department. Two people were killed as a direct consequence of the crash. When the collision was reported for the first time, it was 9:56 p.m.

The report from the Sheriff’s Department states that two of the victims needed to be extricated from the vehicle, while the other two victims were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. An additional four people were sent to the hospital for treatment of moderate injuries. The road was closed until 10:30 on Saturday morning in both directions because of construction.

According to the findings of an early investigation, an automobile that was traveling eastbound on Railroad Canyon Road at the time of a rear-end collision with another vehicle was to blame for the accident. After then, one of the automobiles drove past the divider in the middle of the road, which resulted in a collision with a vehicle that was heading in the opposite way, westbound. Both of the deceased individuals were found to have been occupants of the vehicle that was headed in the westbound direction.

The investigation is still ongoing, thus the names of people who have already gone away have not been disclosed to the general public. Deputy Maldonado, who works at the Perris Station of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, may be reached at 951-210-1077, and he urges anyone who may have witnessed this collision but has not yet been questioned to get in touch with him.

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