Melissa Casterman-Medacco Obituary, A Precious Soul Has Passed Away

Melissa Casterman-Medacco Obituary, Death – Funeral preparations have been finalized for the woman who passed away last week after being struck by a vehicle that was being driven by her husband.On the morning of September 15, Melissa Casterman-Medacco, 45 years old, was taken from this world. It is believed by the investigating authorities that Melissa Casterman got into an altercation with her husband, Mark Casterman, as she was driving southbound on US 31 in a Lincoln MKX approximately 11 a.m. on Friday.

According to the detectives, Melissa pulled over onto the shoulder of the road, and then she started walking down the shoulder that runs in a northbound direction. At that point, investigators have a strong suspicion that Mark Casterman jumped out of the vehicle and took control of the vehicle himself. The investigation has led the detectives to suspect that he drove by Melissa twice before doing a U-turn, speeding up, and striking Melissa with the vehicle. According to the authorities, she passed away instantly.

Now, she is known as a caring mother whose son was “her entire world.” This is the legacy that she leaves behind. Her obituary states, “She enjoyed being with her family, traveling, being by the water, and gambling,” all of which she did in her own time. She was a beautiful, pure, kind, and caring spirit who would be much missed by everyone who knew and loved her. At the EverRest Funeral Home and Chapel located in Muskegon on Friday, September 22, beginning at 10 a.m., there will be a visitation for Melissa. The start of her funeral service is scheduled for 11:12 in the morning.

Mark Casterman is being investigated for multiple crimes, including homicide, driving while intoxicated while causing death, driving while his license was suspended, revoked, or denied while causing death, and driving while inebriated for the third time. The amount of his bond is one million dollars.


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