Máire Allen Obituary, A Cherished Soul Has Passed Away

Máire Allen Obituary, Death – We express our profound sorrow as we acknowledge the demise of our respected colleague and friend, Máire Allen.
Máire actively participated in the early stages of the application process for Roscommon Sports Partnership and has been a member of the Board since 2000. Máire has been a prominent champion who has contributed 23 years of invaluable expertise and support to both the Board and Staff.
Máire shown a strong commitment to promoting engagement in sports and physical activities, and her extensive knowledge consistently provided valuable guidance to our endeavors.

The individual in question has demonstrated a commitment to promoting physical education and sports among young girls, having served as a physical education teacher. Through her efforts, she has successfully introduced a significant number of individuals to various sports and physical activities. Additionally, her active participation in many sports organizations has further contributed to fostering a passion for sports among all those she has encountered. The individual in question demonstrated a forward-thinking approach in facilitating sports and physical activities for those with disabilities, with unwavering dedication to addressing their comprehensive requirements.
On an individual level, Máire consistently exhibited a positive demeanor and demonstrated a willingness to provide assistance. She consistently made herself accessible in order to offer support in any capacity possible. The array of organizations in which she was actively engaged is extensive and too abundant to enumerate. She advocated for individuals to engage in sports, and she consistently provided her coaching recipients with ample experience and assistance. The individual possessed an inherent inclination towards equitable treatment and exerted considerable effort to facilitate inclusive participation for all individuals involved.
In conclusion, the comprehensive documentation of her contribution remains incomplete; yet, it is undeniable that Máire has made an unparalleled impact on the advancement of sports and physical activity. The departure of the individual in question will be deeply felt by all who were acquainted with her, and we offer our sincerest condolences to her family.

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