Landen Agnitsch Obituary, Death, A precious soul has passed away

 Landen Agnitsch Obituary, Death – I feel terrible for you, Landen. the only person I’ve ever encountered that could walk into a room full of people and instantly make them all smile, and trust me, I’ve met a lot of people! You have been my default best friend ever since the day you were born, so congratulations on that! person that inspires me the most with their bravery.

I miss the evenings when all you would do is talk to me or ask me to watch a movie with you, and I find myself wishing for those times all the time. Those are the moments that I think about and long for the most. I long for the unexpected moments in which you would ask me to come get you or to check in on what I was doing and let you know that you were thinking about me.

I miss you coming over here with Brad, and all of us laughing so hard that it hurts our stomachs, and I miss us all laughing together. Heaven is fortunate to have received the presence of such a magnificent angel at this time. Even though it broke my heart that you had to go away from us, I believe that God has a purpose for you to return to this world at some point. Landen, you were completely unaware of the amount of affection and concern that others had for you. Hello, my name is Brian.

It would appear that all activity in the globe has come to an abrupt halt. I really, really want that I could simply reach out and grab hold of you right now and not let go of your hand ever again. I have no doubt that you are keeping a close eye over each one of us, and that you are at last reunited with your father and grandfather. I also have no question that you are in a better place. For the sake of you, buddy, everyone is making a significant effort to maintain their composure in this situation. You are someone who is deserving of much, much more than this. You fill me to the brim with a sense of immense pride. I adore you in each and every way, and I can’t wait until the day that we can be together once more to tell you how much. The moniker The name Landen Agnitsch

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