Jacob Shienkaruk Obituary, Lakewood Man Dies In Cleveland Car Crash

Jacob Shienkaruk Obituary, Death – A terrible car collision took place on the West Side of Cleveland on Tuesday evening, and as a direct result of the tragedy, the life of a Lakewood man who was 27 years old was taken as a direct result of the catastrophe. The findings of the investigation led the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner to the conclusion that Jacob Shienkaruk was the victim of the homicide. This was determined based on the facts of the investigation.

After conducting an inquiry, the Medical Examiner came to this realization as a result of their work. According to the information that was provided by the Cleveland police department, the event took place at approximately nine o’clock at night on Rocky River Drive and Parkmount Avenue. This was indicated in the information that was provided by the Cleveland police department. The information that was supplied by the Cleveland Police Department made it clearly clear that this point is being made.

The information that was provided indicated that the location was in the primary business district of the city. The police have stated in their report that Shienkaruk was on a motorcycle at the time of the accident that he was involved in with the car. This information was included in the report that was given by the police. In the report that was made by the police, it is stated that this information was indicated. The very fact that the catastrophe took place in the first place lends credence to the validity of this assertion.

Shienkaruk was hurried to a local hospital to have his wounds treated, but in the end, he was unable to recover from the severity of his conditions and passed away in a tragic tragedy. His injuries prevented him from recovering from the treatment he had at the hospital. The wounds he sustained had been attended to at a hospital in the area. The investigation into the accident is now continuing in the state that it is currently in as it has been done up until this point in time.

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