Iona Molesworth Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Iona Molesworth

Iona Molesworth Obituary, Death – It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of Lady Iona Molesworth St-Aubyn, affectionately known to many as “Lady M.” She peacefully departed from this world surrounded by her loving family. Lady M’s presence was a cherished and integral part of Pencarrow, and her loss is deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing her. Lady M was not just a name; she was a beloved figure, known for her warm and engaging presence.

Many of you may have had the pleasure of crossing paths with her, and we are certain that those who knew her, even briefly, have a treasury of wonderful stories and memories to cherish. Lady M had a special connection with Pencarrow, often seen traversing the gardens on her tramper, engaging in conversations with visitors, and sharing her passion for the estate with all who came to explore its beauty. Her enthusiasm for Pencarrow was infectious, and her presence added a unique charm to the place.

As we mourn the loss of Lady Iona Molesworth St-Aubyn, we remember the indelible mark she left on the hearts and minds of all who had the privilege of knowing her. Her absence will be profoundly felt by the entire Pencarrow community. Further details about Lady M’s funeral will be provided in a subsequent announcement. Until then, let us hold onto the memories we shared with her, remembering the warmth, kindness, and grace that defined her character. Lady M’s spirit will forever be a part of Pencarrow, a testament to her enduring legacy. May she rest in eternal peace.

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