Hilton Pretorius Obituary, Native Of Klerksdorp Has Passed Away

Hilton Pretorius Obituary, Death – This morning, unfortunately, Hilton Pretorius, a father from Klerksdorp who had suffered horrific brain injuries as a result of an assault, passed away. He had been hospitalized after the attack. His age was 32 at the time. Colonel Adele Myburgh, the spokesperson for the South African Police Service, has verified his death and stated that his family will not be allowed to speak to the media at this time. She also noted that his passing was confirmed by the South African Police Service.
According to statements made by Colonel Myburgh, the charge of assault that has been leveled against Wernich Botha, who is also accused of attacking Colonel Myburgh, will apparently be escalated to the charge of murder. Botha turned himself in to the authorities, and he was given a bail sum of R2000 so that he could appear in court on the charge of attempted murder. Botha was charged with the crime of attempted murder. Klerksdorp was the location of the hearing that took place in the court.
Botha may be seen in the horrific footage of the incident that was broadcast on social media after it took off in popularity due to the exposure it received from being shared there. In the aftermath of the event, Pretorius was discovered unconscious in the parking lot where it had occurred.
Another businessman called P. W. Roos is said to have been the victim of an assault and to have sustained a variety of injuries as a result. Additionally to that, he began legal action against Botha.
Pretorius had so severe brain damage during the assault that he was unable to regain consciousness after it. He passed away as a result.
It would appear that a love triangle was the impetus for the brutal assault that took place. During this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all of his friends. We will make sure to keep you informed of any further developments. Gratitude, captured in this photograph taken at the Hilton Pretorius Copyright protected, and Newerk24.com reserves all rights not expressly granted.

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