Hannah Cornwell Obituary, Peoria IL, In Loving Memory of Hannah Cornwell?

Hannah Cornwell Obituary, Death – In the embrace of time’s relentless march, we gather to remember and celebrate the life of Hannah Marie Cornwell, a cherished daughter, friend, and dedicated professional. Born on January 1, 1994, in Urbana, Illinois, Hannah’s journey touched the lives of many before her untimely passing on September 13, 2023. As we come together to pay tribute to her memory, let us reflect on the lasting impact she left on the world around her.

Hannah Marie Cornwell lived a life characterized by her unwavering dedication to others. She was not only a beloved daughter, but she also found her calling in making a difference through her work at OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Her compassionate heart and commitment to improving the lives of children were a testament to her character.

As a colleague and friend, Hannah was known for her kindness, empathy, and her tireless efforts to bring comfort and healing to those who needed it most. Her legacy within the healthcare community will undoubtedly continue to inspire those who follow in her footsteps.

Hannah’s smile was a beacon of light that brightened the lives of all fortunate enough to know her. Her laughter was infectious, and her warmth made everyone feel valued and loved. Whether she was caring for her patients, spending time with family and friends, or pursuing her own passions, Hannah brought a sense of joy and positivity to every moment.

To honor Hannah’s memory, her family has made arrangements for visitation and a Celebration of Life. The visitation will be held from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM on September 21, 2023, at Cox-Knapp Funeral Home in Paxton, IL. A Celebration of Life will take place from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on September 22, 2023, at Cedar Hills Baptist Church in Dunlap, IL.

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