Frankie Galbraith Obituary, A precious soul has passed away

Frankie Galbraith Obituary, Death – David, a close buddy, asked me, “Have you been on Facebook?” in the early morning, when most of the world was still asleep. I had no idea that this question would disrupt the morning’s peace and leave me contemplating. I felt heavy when I told David I had been skimming through social media. I didn’t know that Frankie Galbraith, David’s coworker and close friend, had died unexpectedly the morning before.

Frankie Galbraith was mostly known to me through David and infrequent Walmart interactions. He was simply another kind man who seemed to care about others to me. After hearing David’s story, I realized his kindness and compassion. Frankie was a continuous support for David during his sickness. He visited David periodically and offered support and prayers. Frankie clearly cared about others’ well-being, not just in words.

Frankie again offered friendship as I struggled with my health. We received considerate texts from him assuring me of his support and giving hopeful ideas. David would smile and add, “That’s Frankie for you,” as if it were natural for Frankie to watch out for us. Frankie’s character is shown by his ability to recognize me in a crowd, even though we rarely see each other. His genuine concern for others set him apart and made an unforgettable effect on everyone who met him.

Frankie Galbraith, your warmth and compassion endure. Your acts illuminated this wild planet. You are an angel among us. All of us will miss you, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Galbraith family and friends. As we grieve your death, we find comfort in knowing that your soul is now shining brightly in the heavens, watching over us. Frankie, thank you for your prayers, good words, and continuous support. We will never forget your example of kindness and how one person can change countless lives. You will be missed, but your legacy lives on in those you touched.


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