Edwin Cloyd Cummings Obituary, A Cherished Soul Has Passed Away

Edwin Cloyd Cummings Obituary, Death – Edwin Cloyd Cummings Jr. is a native of the state of Iowa; however, he currently makes his home in Bethlehem, Georgia. Although he was born and reared in Davenport, Iowa, he currently lives in Bethlehem, Georgia. His death occurred on September 17, 2023, when he was 74 years old. He was survived by members of his family as well as friends, all of whom would mourn him deeply. On September 17th, the news of his passing was shared.

Hearing the news of his passing has left us with shattered hearts because we were really close to him and shared a lot of love for him. You are more than welcome to write your condolences for the family in the guestbook that has been made available only for that function, and the family will make sure to read them. The guestbook has been made accessible solely for that function. Both of Edwin Sr. Cummings and Martha Jane Mahon Cummings had already moved out of the house by the time they were expecting their first child.

At the time, his mother was carrying another child. His wife, Cathy Smith Cummings, resides in Bethlehem, as do his children Matthew Cummings and Heather Ross. His sister, Bonnie Cummings, resides in Alltoona, Pennsylvania. His grandsons Christopher Williams and Christian Ross, as well as his great-grandchildren Aeson and Lucas Williams, also reside in Bethlehem. His sister, Bonnie Cummings, was born and raised in Bethlehem. His family will carry on after his passing.

When they got married, she became his wife and her name was Cathy Smith Cummings. Two of his children, Matthew Cummings and Heather Ross, have chosen to make Bethlehem their permanent residence at this time. She became his wife once they were married, and her name after the marriage was Cathy Smith Cummings. Matthew Cummings and Heather Ross, two of his children, have decided to make Bethlehem their permanent residence at this time.

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