Bob Corbin Obituary, Pittsburgh PA, Songwriter At Corbin Hanner Band Has Died

Bob Corbin Obituary, Death – I learned today that Bob Corbin had died. I’ve been asked many times who helped make us The PovertyNeck Hillbillies and become the band we were, as well as the success we had, and without a question, that person is Bob Corbin. As a songwriter, I was extremely fortunate to have Bob teach me. Some of the biggest PovertyNeck Hillbillies songs were co-written by him and myself, including Hillbilly State of Mind,

Night that Changed My Life, The Hillbilly Way, and Promised Land. The band was really fortunate to have him take us under his wing and produce us at a time when we desperately needed it! Mr. Right Now! wrote the song that put us on the map, not only Pittsburgh, but the tune that introduced us to the rest of the globe. His advice propelled us to the next level and eventually led to our major label agreement.

We recorded a handful of songs he wrote before we were even a band on our CDs, such as Wild Horses, Any Road, Right Here Right Now, Heaven Help Me, and the list goes on. Corbin and Hanner were a significant feature in the Pittsburgh band scene and wrote/performed a lot of fantastic songs. Bob and Dave have both written some of Country music’s biggest successes, with Bob penning two number one records for Alabama, Fire in the Night and Can’t Keep a Good Man Down,

as well as the iconic “Dinosaur” for Hank Jr! Bob, rest in peace, my friend, and I know you’re singing with the angels! Thank you for your knowledge, patience, and advice with the band, assisting us in becoming successful, showing me that songwriting is a craft and how to hone it, and most importantly, for all the tales and friendship! Best wishes

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