Blaze Reid Obituary, A Cherished Soul Has Passed Away

Blaze Reid Obituary, Death – There are times when there are no words to adequately explain the severity of a loss. Credit goes to Courtney Noble.
I am writing this with a lot of melancholy and a feeling of heaviness in my heart. The bright and lovely light that was Blaze was taken from us on the evening of September 18th. He had been enduring crippling seizures for quite some time before he was taken away from us far too soon unexpectedly.
Blaze possessed a gentle and compassionate spirit. Since he was a child, he put in a lot of effort and saved money with the intention of one day buying a home for his mother and brother, who currently reside in an apartment with only one bedroom. After his illness rendered him unable to drive, he decided to purchase a bicycle instead. When he was unable to work, he used that time to study. He was only trying to live his life like the rest of us do. He was a fantastic son, grandchild, cousin, and nephew, but the most important role he played in Jax’s life was that of a loving big brother.
Melanie, his mother, has spent countless hours over the years maintaining this operation.

When he would have episodes, there would be doctor appointments, visits to the hospital, the stress of not being there, and missed days of work. Being her own boss, things have been challenging, and now, while they work through the anguish of losing a loved one, she must contend with the huge weight of paying for the funeral expenditures. As a result, with a heart full of love and admiration for each and every one of you, we would like to make a request for your help in order to provide Melanie and Jax with some relief and assistance. Not only for the cost of the funeral, but also to cover rent and groceries, provide additional assistance in the form of counseling, and allow them the much-needed time to grieve and heal as well.

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