Yolanda Alvarado Obituary, Stockton, California, Has Died

Yolanda Alvarado Obituary, Death  – A party in Stockton, California, ended with violence early on Sunday morning, and authorities are now investigating another homicide in which a firearm was involved. Yolanda Alvarado, 46, was killed around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday at her house in east Stockton, where she was reportedly hosting a late-night party, according to her neighbors and Stockton police.

Jeff Stift, who lives across the street from Alvarado, said on Monday that Yolanda and her husband always make sure that he is taken care of. “I’ve been here for 19 years, and they (Yolanda and her husband) always look after me,” Stift said. The shooting of the 46-year-old man took place only six days after two other people in east Stockton were killed by gunfire.

The bodies of two men were discovered on Wednesday in the residence they shared on North Oro Drive, which is located approximately 2.5 miles east of the city center. Stift claims that a party was held to start off the evening on the day Alvarado passed away. According to Stift, Alvarado’s family had a habit of hosting gatherings at their residence on East Lafayette Street. A few doors down from the intersection of Locust Street and the Crosstown Freeway is where you’ll find the residence in question.

He claimed that Stift had received invitations on multiple occasions. According to Stift, there were occasions when you could walk through the house and hear music coming from a mariachi band. According to Stift, there were approximately 20 cars parked along the curbs that separated his home and Alvarado’s residence on Saturday evening, just a few hours before Alvarado passed away. Stift reported that he was sleeping when, at some point around two in the morning, he heard “eight to ten shots.”



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