Sue Chia Obituary, Death, A precious soul has passed away

Sue Chia Obituary, Death – During this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with Sue Chia’s family and friends; we ask that you accept our condolences and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sue was a neighbor who made a substantial contribution to our community and was also much liked by the people who lived around her for a good amount of the time.

She radiated a sunny temperament, friendliness, warmth, and a welcoming personality, all of which contributed to the high regard with which she was considered. The altruistic and compassionate personality that Sue possessed was reflected in the unflinching dedication that she continually displayed toward fulfilling the needs of other people.

She readily offered her support to our organization and the community by participating in Lions Quiz nights, collecting donations during our Street Appeal, founding and managing our initial social media account, and traveling annually with her much-loved husband Tony to cheer on Brett McCamish and our fellow riders at the Dwellingup 100. In addition, she was a member of the Lions Club. Additionally, she was an active participant in the Lions Club.

Both our team and the community that she helped develop will miss Sue very much, but we can take some comfort in the fact that she is now reunited with her devoted husband, Tony. Sue will be much missed by both our employees and by the community that she helped develop. Both of these communities will miss Sue tremendously in their daily lives. During this most sad time, we would like to convey our most deepest condolences and love to Sue’s children, Daniele and Jean-Paul, as well as her grandkids, Max, Mia, and Meabh, and her friends. We know this is a tough time for everyone involved, and we hope that they will feel our love and support. Our hearts go out to the children on the passing of their mother.

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