Robert Hollingsworth Obituary, Native Of Mokena Has Passed Away

Robert Hollingsworth Obituary, Death – It is currently 10:15 AM on September 19, 2023, which is based on the Central Daylight Time zone.
A man who had been missing for some time was discovered dead in a retention pond in the borough of Manhattan. His whereabouts had been listed as unknown. Mokena, his hometown, was where he was born and raised. According to the statement made by the Chief of Police for the city of Manhattan, Brian Zarnowski, a body was found floating in a retention pond in the city of Manhattan at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

The location of the pond can be found to the south of the community of Brookstone and to the east of Route 52. Robert Hollingsworth was determined to be the identity of the deceased person by Laurie Summers, who serves as the coroner for Will County. Hollingsworth had reached the age of 29 and had spent his formative years in Mokena. At this juncture, the inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the decedent’s passing is being headed up by the Manhattan Police Department.

During the time that Summers was in charge of Hollingsworth’s care, she did not disclose any information about the manner in which Hollingsworth passed away or the circumstances surrounding the cause of death. According to Brian Benton, who serves as Chief of Police for the Mokena Police Department, Hollingsworth’s home may be found in the village on the 11000 block of Abbey Drive. The Mokena Police Department was kind enough to supply us with this information.

He went on to say that Hollingsworth was one of the people involved in an automobile accident that took place in Manhattan the week before. There were numerous cars involved in the collision. According to reports, a member of his family in Mokena grew concerned about his whereabouts after the vehicle accident took place, and shortly thereafter, they filed a missing person’s complaint in the appropriate authorities.


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