Richard Zielinski Obituary, Death, A cherished soul has passed away

Richard Zielinski Obituary, Death – We are passing along the sad news of the demise of Retired Chief Richard Zielinski, a real hero and cornerstone of the community in Washington County. It is with heavy hearts that we offer this information. A record of unselfish devotion spanning over four decades, not just with the Wesley Volunteer Fire Department but also as a devoted member of the Maine State Forestry devotion, will be Richard’s lasting contribution to the world.

The incredible level of dedication that Richard displayed toward his job as a firefighter served as an example for everyone who had the honor of working alongside him. He was the model of what a firefighter ought to be because of the countless hours of training he had put in, his unflinching dedication, and his undying desire for helping other people. His unwavering commitment to becoming an exceptional firefighter served as a model for each and every one of us to follow.

Richard was well known in the community not only for his work with the fire department but also for the successful towing business that he ran out of his home. His excitement and dedication had no limitations; in fact, there was a time when he neglected to set the brake on his wrecker. His dedication and zeal were boundless. After his wrecker suddenly made its way into the pond behind the fire station, the Warden Service issued him a citation for fishing without a license.

The people whom Richard Zielinski helped and encouraged will carry his legacy with them always and forever in their hearts. As long as he lives, his unflinching dedication, contagious passion, and unconquerable spirit will continue to motivate us all to pursue excellence and give back to our community without expecting anything in return, just as he has done for more than four decades. During this trying time, our prayers, thoughts, and condolences are with his family and loved ones, and we will be grateful to him for the incalculable contribution he made to the course of our lives forever.


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