Nick Barisheff Obituary, Death, A precious soul has passed away

Nick Barisheff Obituary, Death – Nick Barisheff died Friday, September 15, 2023, surrounded by family. Nick Barisheff founded, chaired, and ran BMG Group Inc. The Company mourns Nick’s family and friends and a great Canadian. Nick was a bullion bar industry pioneer and the celebrated author of “$10,000 Gold: Why Gold’s Inevitable Rise Is the Investor’s Safe Haven”.

Nick also wrote “The BullionBuzz,” a weekly BMG eNewsletter where he shared his expertise with investors and curated the best financial market and precious metals news. Nick has been a passionate advocate for the many benefits of owning physical gold, silver, and platinum bullion for decades. Nick created methods, offers, and solutions for bullion asset investors using his extensive knowledge of the precious metals market.

Nick believed that bullion gold, silver, and platinum were vital to every investor’s financial strategy. He recommended adding 10–20% of these precious metals to a well-diversified investment portfolio. Nick introduced the BMG BullionFund, a unique Canadian open-end mutual fund trust allowed in RRSPs, in 2002. The pioneering fund bought gold, silver, and platinum bullion in equal dollars. BMG expanded by launching the BMG Gold BullionFund, BMG Silver BullionFund, and BMG BullionBars Program after its success.

Nick carefully designed all BMG products to maintain precious metals ownership’s core characteristics: absolute liquidity, minimal counterparty risk, and managerial independence. In October 2019, BMG launched the BMG Diversified Hedge Fund to outperform the Canadian Balanced Fund Index with long-term capital growth and income. This innovative two-stage investment strategy positions this fund to capitalize on global financial market corrections. Nick was also quoted in top business publications in North America, Europe, and Asia, demonstrating his influence. Investors interested in sound money should read Nick’s “$10,000 Gold”. Nick reveals gold’s wealth-preserving capabilities in a diversified portfolio in its pages. Nick was working on a new book when he died.

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