Naomi Ferrans Obituary, Death, A Loving soul has passed away

Naomi Ferrans Obituary, Death – We are all really devastated by Naomi Ferrans’ unfortunate and unexpected passing as a group. She and her mother’s attendance made numerous NCDT programs and events more enjoyable. Naomi had a special way of communicating; sometimes she smiled, sometimes she didn’t, but she was always willing to give a warm hug and share a laugh.

It’s difficult to put into words our sorrow and grief in the wake of this tragic loss. During this terribly trying time, our thoughts are with Naomi’s mother, Wilma, and her larger family and friends. We wish to reach out and offer our hand in support, ready to lend a hand whenever necessary. Although we are currently at a loss for words, we would like to offer the following moving passage from Naomi’s football squad and Cumnock Juniors Girls FC teammates:

Naomi was a member of the family, not simply a teammate. Her attitude was strong, and her enthusiasm for the game was contagious. She showed us the true meaning of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and resiliency both on and off the field. We shared laughs, tears, and wins as a single, bonded group. Although Naomi’s loss creates a gap that will never be replaced, her memory will always serve as a motivation for us to put forth our best efforts.

We send Naomi’s family our sincere condolences and want them to know that they are not the only ones experiencing sadness. Just as Naomi was always there for us, we are here for them. We shall work to improve ourselves both on and off the field in honor of her. Peace be with you, Naomi. You’ll always be a member of our group and our hearts. These exact phrases express how Naomi affected her teammates and the larger community. Her legacy of love, humor, and inspiration will live on via the stories that those who had the pleasure of knowing her share.

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