Naomi Ferrans Obituary, Death, A cherished soul has passed away

Naomi Ferrans Obituary, Death – We are all really devastated by Naomi Ferrans’ unfortunate and unexpected passing as a group. Naomi and her mother joined our NCDT (Northern Community Development Trust) family and were treasured members of it. She participated in a lot of our activities and events, occasionally flashing a smile that could light up the room and other times not, but she was always willing to give us a hug and make us laugh.

We are in unbearable pain as a result of this tragic loss. Finding the appropriate words in situations like these, when sadness weighs heavily on our hearts, is never simple. Our hearts go out to Wilma, Naomi’s mother, and the rest of her extended family and friends. We want them to know that we are always available to provide them our unshakable support.

We would like to share a piece from Naomi’s football squad and her Cumnock Juniors Girls FC teammates even though words frequently fail us in the face of such a devastating loss. This passage perfectly captures Naomi’s character and the influence she had on everyone around her: Naomi was family, not just a teammate. We were all inspired by her passion for the game and contagious enthusiasm.

We celebrate the wonderful times we had with our good friend even as we grieve her passing. We shall always cherish Naomi in our hearts. We shall continue in her honor, making an effort to play with the same fervor and zest that she did. Peace be with you, Naomi. Although we will miss you dearly, your legacy will endure in our affection and fun that you brought into our lives. Even though Naomi Ferrans is no longer physically present, her influence on our community and the hearts of those who knew her will live on. We will support one another and remember Naomi by keeping her vivacious personality alive in our hearts as a group as a community.


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