Marie Reynolds Obituary, Saratoga Springs, UT, Died In Fatal Accident

Marie Reynolds Obituary, Death – Maura Reynolds-Marie In Affectionate Remembrance Utah’s Saratoga Springs, located atAn accident that occurred when Marie Reynolds was riding her bicycle on September 12, 2023 resulted in her passing. She was 64 years old, a devoted mother of eight, a doting grandmother of twenty-three, and the beloved wife of Tim Reynolds. In the year 1959, Marie was born in Grand Junction, Colorado to parents Soren J. Sorensen and Melva Pearl Spear. She is the last born of their family of five children.

Cystic fibrosis took the lives of three of her siblings: two of them when they were infants, and one of them when they were young married men. She worked as a nurse for more than twenty-eight years, during which time she focused mostly on providing care to new mothers and their infants. She participated in the treatment of her elder brother’s Cystic Fibrosis, and she also served as a member of the youth ski patrol,

both of which influenced her to pursue a career as a nurse. Her great aunt had served as a nurse during World War II, and her mother had aspired to become a nurse herself. During the deliveries of her children, daughters-in-law, and friends, she was an essential part of the team that helped save lives. Additionally, she was there to provide assistance at the deliveries of the majority of her grandkids.

She recognized that she had guidance from angels who told her what to get ready for each labor and birth that unexpectedly had issues, which allowed her to save the lives of many mothers and babies throughout the course of her work as a midwife. She also saved the lives of many other people.

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