Marc Lombard Obituary, Famous French boat designer has passed away

Marc Lombard Obituary, Death – Marc Lombard is a famous French boat designer. He designed cruisers for huge production firms, racer-cruisers for RM Yachts, and thoroughbred racing boats like Class 40s and the Figaro 1 and 2. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with him in the past and am excited to discuss current design ideas with him again. This time, I focused on 40-foot cruiser design trends.

Marc Lombard just relaunched Jeanneau’s Sun Odyssey 410, a sleek and stylish yacht with a flat appearance. Now, let’s ask Marc about his sentiments and future expectations. NO FRILLS Lars Reisberg “Marc, how many boat designs have you made in your career? Can you mention two or three favorite designs? Marc Lombard: “That’s a challenging question. I think I’ve made 250 designs since 1982.

However, I never count them because my reference numbering is more about date than design number. My favorite designs are hard to choose as I have worked on vessels in various places. I prefer creating racing boats, cruising yachts, and one-off sailboats. Besides multihulls.” Marc Lombard: “I’d probably pick the Imoca-designed WHIRLPOOL.” Most because captain Catherine Chabaud was great to work with. BANQUE POPULAIRE 3 was amazing. I still like the Figaro 2-design and Seacart 26.” “The success of your latest design for Jeanneau and – my own favourite of yours, the re-designed Cigale-yachts, show that your experience with cruising yachts is as well wide and respected When it comes to cruising boats, Marc Lombard and his colleagues are pleased of the new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 and our work for RM boats, including the stunning RM 1180. I also like Black Pepper’s Code 2 design. We enjoyed developing the Long Island 85, Windquest, and NDS Evolution because they sail across the world in regions where other multihulls cannot.





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