Maleesa Mooney Obituary, Sister To Guyanese Pop Star Jourdin Pauline Has Died

Maleesa Mooney Obituary, Death – A shining light in the field of modeling has passed away. According to NBC News, which received its information from authorities, the body of a woman named Maleesa Mooney, who worked as a real estate agent, was discovered on September 12 in her apartment in downtown Los Angeles. Her age was 31. There has been no disclosure on the cause of death. However, a homicide investigation is being conducted into her passing, according to Tony Im, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department who talked to NBC News.

When officers responded to a call for a welfare check at approximately 4:00 p.m., they discovered the body of Mooney. When Mooney abruptly stopped communicating with the family, family members expressed alarm, according to statements made by her cousin Bailey Babb, who spoke to the local source KTLA. Babb said that after a week had passed, they had the uneasy feeling that something was amiss. Due to the fact that we all share a unique connection with Maleesa, we were all aware that something was wrong when her messages stopped being sent.

Jourdin Pauline, a Guyanese pop diva and Mooney’s sister, expressed her sorrow at her death in an Instagram post on September 14. She wrote, “never in a million years did I think I’d have to make this post and get justice for my one & only sister.” A family photo album with the message, “My heart is crushed,” written by Pauline. “I find it hard to accept that you won’t be staying with us any longer. You were very kind and nice to each and every person. If you ate, you made sure that everyone else in the room did as well.

You made yourself available to those who were not deserving of having a friend like you. You are the best thing that has ever occurred in the lives of practically everyone. You made a connection!!!” Mooney’s body was discovered in her downtown Los Angeles residence two days after the death of another model, Nichole Coats, was discovered there as well. However, according to NBC, authorities have stated that the two crimes are not related to each other.


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