Liv Teverino Car Accident Marietta, Georgia, Police Investigating Deadly Crash Incident

Liv Teverino Obituary, Death – Two fatalities were reported following a “catastrophic series” of collisions on northbound Interstate 75 on Tuesday morning, according to Marietta police. Just before 5:30 a.m., according to Mike Shields of Triple Team Traffic, a chain-reaction collision involving five automobiles occurred close to South Marietta Parkway. The police investigation caused the closure of all northbound lanes for more than four hours.

At the scene of the accident, Justin Carter of Channel 2 spoke with investigators. They suspect that a young woman drove over to the far left lane to check on a flat tire just before the collisions. Police reported that the driver was rear-ended and ran over while checking on it. In the collision, that driver’s car was “ripped” from them, and they were then driven over by another vehicle. Both drivers perished there and then.

The driver who suffered a flat tire has been identified by the police as Eduarda Cristina Romano DaSilva, 21, of Marietta. According to Marietta Police, Jonesboro resident Victor Parra, 59, struck Romano’s vehicle when she stopped in the far-left lane. The Toyota driven by Parra lost control and veered off course.

Parra and Romana DaSilva were struck by David West, 72, of Wolcottville, Indiana, driving a Chevrolet Silverado as soon as they exited their vehicles. Parra and Romano DaSilva were both declared dead at the scene. Both West and his passenger, 74-year-old Cynthia West, were sent to the hospital with minor wounds.

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