Les Nixon Obituary, AVSC Member has passed away

Les Nixon Obituary, Death – The Auto Racing Enthusiasts Club would like to express its sincerest sympathies to Les Nixon’s family and friends on his recent passing. It is with heavy hearts that the AVSC (Auto Racing Enthusiasts Club) does so. Les was not only a revered figure in our racing community, but he was also a renowned TQ racer who made significant contributions to the sport that will be remembered for a very long time.

The impact that Les Nixon has had on the sport of racing can be traced all the way back to the heyday of time attack racing. His talent and dedication to the racing scene were absolutely unparalleled, and as a result, he left an everlasting impression on the competitive landscape. Many others were motivated by Les’s passion to TQ racing, and his fiercely competitive nature was a significant factor in the outcome of a vast number of competitions.

However, Les’s impact was not only a result of his achievements on the track. He was also known for his expertise in working on racetrack engines, and he had a great deal of experience as both a mechanic and an engine tuner. Through the years, he has been extremely generous in imparting his expertise and experience upon his fellow club members, which has been a major factor in the accomplishments of our club cars.

Les Nixon’s presence in the AVSC was one of warmth and friendliness in addition to the technical expertise he possessed. He was instrumental in developing a feeling of community and belonging among the club’s participants, ensuring that everyone was made to feel like they belonged there. His guidance and assistance changed the course of many people’s lives, and his impact was felt well beyond the confines of the racetrack.





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