Larry Glefke Obituary, Lexington, Kentucky, A Horseman Has Passed Away

Larry Glefke Obituary, Death – On September 15, 2023, Larry Glekfe passed away, leaving behind a winning legacy along with a lot more. He was extremely intelligent, had an unparalleled understanding of horses, and consistently drew in the best players in the business to work with him. Larry was the Hunter Derby’s King back when there was something to rule over. Before Glefke set his sights on the USHJA International Hunter Derby, it was an open competition. By adding volume, comprehending the traits and horse-training techniques required to succeed, and outwitting the excitement fast, he subdued it.

He made his money from a lifetime of breeding hunters and horses by bringing a few to many more horses to each USHJA International Hunter Derby with ever-wilder prize money for hunters. These horses then traveled all over the nation. Anyone else would soon have no chance. Who else could be that skilled, have horses that were ready, or be an experienced rider? With two raw scores of 95, bonus points of 10 and 9 from the two panels, and all four high options,

Mindful earned a 217 in the Devon Derby’s practical round in 2014. He amassed approximately $14 million in prize money from his winnings and untold sums from horse sales and other business dealings because he simply couldn’t stop. No matter how far in advance, no one ever played it safe, and the crowd enjoyed every second of it. Kelley Farmer never missed a high option or an inside turn, even if it was a mistake that day. When hubris bit them, they were brave and continued on course. They weren’t playing that one horse and that course, they were playing the whole game, which was bigger than anyone else’s.

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