Kevin West Obituary, Death, has Unexpectedly passed away

Kevin West Obituary, Death – The news that Kevin West had passed away early on Monday was a tremendously tragic setback for the City of Chattanooga. West’s most recent job was as the director of public affairs for the Chattanooga Police Department, which was also his most recent position overall. It was roughly 8:30 in the morning when he experienced a medical emergency and needed to be transported to the hospital, where he ultimately passed away.

Jackson, which is located in the state of Michigan, is where he got his start in the media industry at the beginning of his career. He was employed as a journalist by a number of different media sources, including television, radio, and newspapers, among others. In addition to that, West served in the United States Navy for a combined total of twenty-four years. It has just been two years since he resigned as captain of the team he previously led.

Despite the short amount of time that West spent working for the Chattanooga Police Department, the contributions that he made to the establishment of the Public Affairs Division during that period of time were of the utmost significance.  The Chicago Police Department (CPD) issued a press release in which it stated that the commissioner was working toward the establishment of the unit in order to strengthen the department’s media presence.

And make better use of contemporary social media platforms in order to broadcast timely messages. The CPD claimed that the commissioner was working toward the establishment of the unit in order to improve these areas. When he goes away, his legacy will be carried on by his five children, his cherished wife Carlene, and a great number of other members of his family and friends.

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