Fred Johnson Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Fred Johnson

Fred Johnson Obituary, Death – When a customer entered Charlemagne Record Exchange, Fred Johnson, who was in charge of setting prices and cleaning arriving products, was frequently the first person the customer would speak to. Johnson was responsible for pricing and cleaning incoming products. While Johnson sat at the front door of the company.

He was accountable for both of these obligations. He would be the first person a customer at Charlemagne Record Exchange would notice as soon as they walked through the door. If you were a customer, this would be the case. Fred was the person who could transfer music from vinyl to cassettes or CDs, in addition to practically every other type of transfer that was feasible.

He was also capable of transferring music in virtually every other way. On top of that, Fred was the only person who could copy music, so he had an advantage. Fred never failed to crack a smile and a wry laugh, and he never gave the impression that the challenges he faced in life bothered him in the slightest. COVID dealt Fred a significant hit, and the fact that he was able to survive at all is nothing short of a miracle given the severity of the injury.

Despite this, Fred was never able to fully recover from the effects of the injuries that he experienced in the accident. After his passing not too long ago, his loved ones transported his body to the farm in Mississippi where they had spent their formative years. This land had been in the family for generations. Thank you so much for your help, Mr. Fred!



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