Farhanah Booysens Obituary, A cherished soul has passed away

Farhanah Booysens Obituary, Death – After a courageous struggle with cancer, Farhanah Booysens passed away. It is with heavy hearts that we share the devastating news of her loss with you. With her understated assurance and unflappable resolve, Farhanah, a newcomer to the Rand Park neighborhood, has permanently imprinted herself on all of our hearts.

Farhanah was only at Rand Park for a short period of time, yet she was able to effortlessly create connections and soon establish a circle of friends. These friends came to admire her for her friendly, caring, and truthful personality. Her selflessness and doggedness were attributes that set her apart from others, garnering her the respect and admiration of all those who had the luxury of getting to know her.

It was a blessing for the hardworking teachers on our staff to have Farhanah as a student in their classes. They speak very highly of her engaging engagement, her brilliant grin that could light up any room, and the profound respect she regularly exhibited toward her teachers and other students when she was in the eighth grade. The courageous fight that Farhanah put up against cancer was a demonstration of her incredible fortitude and unyielding will.

All of us were moved by her bravery in the face of this life-threatening illness, and it served as a powerful reminder of the remarkable resiliency of the human spirit. As we struggle to come to terms with the death of a much-loved member of our school community, we would like to express our most sincere sympathies to Mr. and Mrs. Booysens and the rest of their family. Your suffering is our suffering, and know that we feel your loss alongside you during this terribly trying time.


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