Evan Robinson Obituary, Plano TX, In Loving Memory Of Evan Robinson

Evan Robinson Obituary, Death – On Sunday, September 3, 2023, Evan passed away at the age of 18 years old. On May 18, 2005, he was welcomed into the world in Dallas by his parents, Paul Robinson and Nancy Obels. Evan’s mother and his older brother Liam resided with him in Plano at the time. Evan’s maternal grandmother Nicole Obels, his paternal grandparents John and Jean Robinson, his maternal aunt Julie Wyke, and his maternal uncle Olivier Avril all passed away before him.

Evan had just recently graduated from Plano West, where he had been a member of the class of 2023, and he had begun attending the University of North Texas as a freshman, class of 2027, with the intention of majoring in logistics and distribution and obtaining a minor in sports administration. He had a positive experience with both the Frisco Landing site and his classes. The early grades are evidence that he gave his complete attention to the work.

Evan made this decision so that he would be able to continue his involvement in the community, which he began four years ago, first as a basketball scorekeeper, then as a referee for PSA, where he was selected to train new refs, and finally as a supervisor at the McKinney Recreation Center. He is now able to maintain and further his involvement in the community.

Additionally, he was an employee of the North Texas Basketball Officials Association (often abbreviated as NTBOA). Because he lived locally, he was able to successfully juggle his studies with his work obligations. Evan had a brief stint working at HEB before moving on to find a lovely group at the Frisco Red Lobster. There, he was recognized and respected for his hard work, his caring attention to clients, and the quality of his service.

Evan was thinking ahead and making preparations. He had just gotten his hands on a brand new MacBook Air, which he was in the process of configuring. He was delighted to utilize it not just for school but also for his job, where he was developing PowerPoint presentations to instruct and instruct new referees. It was on the agenda for him to play pickleball with his father and pit ball with friends.

He also had a date with his girlfriend of two years, Libby, set for the following week, and he was looking forward to his brother Liam’s arrival home from college for the Thanksgiving holiday. Ever since he was a little child, Evan has been loved and admired by all those around him for his upbeat and hilarious sense of humor. He was a huge fan of several other sports, but his favorites were soccer, basketball, and American football.

Evan possessed a unique gift that allowed him to quickly connect with other people. He had excellent listening skills and thoroughly enjoyed making new acquaintances. Whether it was for work or for sports, whenever he was in charge of a mission, he always finished it with a great deal of care and a strong feeling of responsibility. Evan is survived by his family, friends, and a fuzzy four-legged friend named Bogey, in addition to a great number of other people who loved him deeply and whose hearts he touched during his life.


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