David Call Jr. Obituary, DMC Solutions Owner Has Passed Away

David Call Jr. Obituary, Death – David (JD or Dave) Call, born on October 10, 1929, was a man of strong character and a deep love for his family. He came into this world as the son of David Call, Jr. and Olive Bertha Clark Call, growing up on a farm where he learned the value of hard work and dedication.

After a mission to Eastern Canada, J. David married his high school sweetheart, Dawn Davis, on July 17, 1951, in the Logan, Utah Temple. Their union was blessed with six children, 34 grandchildren, and an impressive 71 great-grandchildren, a testament to the love and legacy they cultivated together. J. David’s life was a reflection of his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

He was a devoted disciple, wholeheartedly serving in various church callings and assignments throughout his life. His service included roles as a stake patriarch, temple ordinance worker, bishop, high councilor, and member of the stake young men’s presidency. In 1995 to 1996, J. David and Dawn embarked on a full-time mission to Atlanta, Georgia, where they not only dedicated their time to the gospel but also formed enduring friendships.

During their mission, they had the privilege of serving alongside a Canadian couple who had been taught the gospel by J. David himself during his early missionary days in Canada. Aside from his devotion to his faith and family, J. David had a passion for creating and nurturing a beautiful yard. His green thumb was legendary among his neighbors, and his flower beds were renowned for their stunning beauty.

People would deliberately alter their walking routes just to pass by and admire the breathtaking array of begonias, geraniums, dahlias, canna lilies, petunias, and zinnias that graced his yard. J. David’s love for gardening extended to his cultivation of tomatoes and peach trees, and his tomatoes and peaches were always cherished by those fortunate enough to receive them.

The joy on people’s faces when they received a basket full of his carefully picked tomatoes or peaches was a testament to the kindness and generosity that characterized his life. In the passing of J. David Call, his family and friends are left with cherished memories of a man whose faith, service, and love for beauty touched their lives in profound ways. His legacy lives on not only in the flowers and fruit he nurtured but also in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing him.

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