Bern BoBo Yahara Obituary, A Cherished Soul Has Passed Away

Bern BoBo Yahara Obituary, Death – Bern “BoBo” Yahara passed away at his residence on September 11, 2023 following a courageous struggle with liver cancer. Bo, a long-term commercial fisherman based in Port Monmouth, who was colloquially referred to as the “Polack,” embraced a vibrant and fulfilling existence. The individual exhibited a fondness for modest pleasures, such as engaging in conversations and exchanging text messages with acquaintances, partaking in morning coffee sessions alongside Squarehead and other companions, preparing provisions and treats for canines that frequented the premises, engaging in minor repairs and adjustments with Condo John, Bruce, and other regular visitors to the dock, cultivating floral arrangements, and embellishing skeletons and signage in observance of various holidays.

The individual has a strong affinity for travel, frequently embarking on journeys accompanied by both family and friends. The individual held a deep appreciation for the numerous memorable excursions to destinations such as Key West, Cabo, Florida, London, Ireland, Hawaii, Greece, Portugal, and various other locations. Bobo derived great pleasure from the visits of his daughter Nicole and grandchildren, who would travel from London to spend time with him. He particularly cherished the tradition of Sunday dinners, during which he would have the opportunity to bond with his grandchildren from Fair Haven.

Additionally, Bobo thoroughly enjoyed the role of hosting family gatherings and parties on his porch. The individual in question have a penchant for engaging in practical jokes, along with a sharp intellect and a wide grin. Consequently, they consistently demonstrate their reliability in eliciting laughter or providing assistance. The absence of his compassionate nature and benevolent disposition will be deeply felt. We express our gratitude to the extensive network of friends and relatives who have diligently inquired after his well-being throughout the preceding months. The individual greatly valued the benevolence and companionship shown by the user.

Bo is left by his wife, Eileen, his daughter, Nicole (Aly), his sons, John, Justin, and Luke, his stepson, Hal (Emily), his cherished grandchildren, Zara, Kai, Athena, Hal, Kieran, and Leonia, as well as his brother, Carl (Roberta), his sisters, Regina (Cliff) and Barbara (Mike), and his brother-in-law, Danny. Bo’s parents, Charlie and Helen, his sister Mary, and his son Matthew had passed away before him. Bobo, may you rest in eternal peace. Your absence will be deeply felt and remembered indefinitely.


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