Peter O’Connor Obituary, A Cherished Soul Has Died

Peter O’Connor Obituary, death – We have been in a serious state of depression ever since we learned that Peter O’Connor had passed away, and this sensation has been with us ever since we were notified of the news for the very first time. This emotion has been with us ever since we found out that Peter O’Connor had passed away. after the news was initially brought to our attention, we have stayed in this state ever after the event itself took place.

Since we learned that Peter O’Connor had passed away, we have been in a state of intense and profound grief, and this condition has remained with us ever since we learned the news. This state has continued ever since we learned the news.

Peter, the dearly loved husband of Josephine (née Neary) and the late Rose, the beloved father of John, Peter, Fiona, Dermot and Dearbhla and the late Regina, the loving granda of Sophia-Rose, Odhrán, Tadhg, Peig, and JP, the brother of Mary, Patsy, Vincent, Jarleth, Martin, Coleman, and the late Nuala, and the loving granda of Sophia-Rose. When he passes away, he will be greatly missed by his wife, his sons, his daughters, his grandchildren, his daughter in law Rachel, his son in law Paudric, Dearbhla’s partner Aidan, Dermot’s partner Kerrie, his brothers, his sisters, his sisters in law, his brothers in law, his nephews, his nieces, his cousins, and his friends.
To the glory of God, it is my hope that you and the people you love may be granted a long life that is blessed with good health in every aspect of your being and that this may be the will of God for you all. I send up prayers that everything works out well for each and every one of you.

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