Mike Mayo Obituary, Family And Friends Mourns His Death

Mike Mayo Obituary, Death – Michael Mayo Sr. passed away at the Wentworth Douglas Hospital on June 24, 2023 after a courageous fight against cancer that he ultimately lost. Mike was well-known in the community of Rochester, New Hampshire, for his role as the proprietor of Mikey M’s Restaurant, which he and his wife Sue had previously owned together.

Mike’s whole life had been spent in Rochester, where the city is located. Mike was a compassionate, witty, and fun-loving father and man who was able to frequently find the humor in even the most dire of circumstances. He was a man who could find the humor in even the most dire of circumstances. His parents, Pat and “Joe” Mayo, as well as his wife, Sue, passed away prior to Mike Mayo’s passing away from this world.

Mike is survived by his son, Mike Jr., daughter-in-law Amy, grand daughter Emily, brother Joe, and sister Nancy. Mike was also a grandfather to Emily. Emily, his grandchild, is another member of his family who outlived him. Even though we are aware that death is a natural and unavoidable component of life, we are never quite ready to say goodbye to a friend or family member permanently.

No one ever wants to go through the anguish of losing a loved one since the subsequent emotion has the ability to drive people apart and is difficult for everyone. No one ever wants to go through that. When someone offers their condolences or expresses their sadness, their goal is to communicate as much compassion, care, and connection with the person who is suffering as they possibly can. It may be difficult to describe how you are genuinely feeling in situations that are so laden with emotion because of the abundance of those feelings.

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