Michael Castelli Obituary, Palm Desert California, What Happened To Michael Castelli

Michael Castelli Obituary, Death – The world lost a courageous soul as Michael A. “Mikey” Castelli, aged 32, succumbed to cancer. His valiant battle with the disease came to an end, but he faced it with unwavering determination, surrounded by his loving parents and his faithful canine companion, “Ollie.”

Michael was born on April 7, 1989, to his devoted parents, Patrick A. Castelli and Brenda (Rzotkiewicz) Castelli. From the start, he displayed his love for family through quiet gestures, a reflection of his calm and gentle personality. He cherished the wisdom and guidance imparted by both his parents, and they, in turn, treasured the moments spent with their son.

A particularly close bond existed between Michael and his sister, Kim, along with her husband, Victor. He found immense pride in his role as a doting uncle to their child, Nora Irene Costanza, whom he adored. Michael’s memory lives on through his beloved niece, Nora, as well as his parents, Patrick and Brenda; his sister, Kimberly M., and her husband, Victor Costanza, Jr.; and his sister-in-law’s husband, Victor Costanza, Jr.

Fond memories of Michael are held dear by his maternal grandmother, Stella (Garncarz) Rzotkiewicz, and his aunts and uncles: Sharon and Gary Carrock, Sr., Carol Ann Abiusi (late James P. Abiusi), Guy Rzotkiewicz, and Debbie Schepsis. He is warmly remembered by his cousins: Gary Jr. and Christine Carrock (along with their son, Gary Carrock III), Jenna and Jon Saporito (along with their son, Gary Carrock IV).

In the hearts of his great-aunt Lydia Edwards and the late great-uncle Dick Edwards, as well as great-uncles Richard Nora and Bob Nora, and Bob’s fiancĂ©e Ann Anken, Michael will forever hold a special place. His faithful canine companion, Orbie (or Ollie, as Mike lovingly called him), will always remember and cherish him. Michael’s maternal grandfather, Walter Rzotkiewicz, and his paternal grandparents, Pasquale A. “Pat” and Jeanne (Nora) Castelli, along with his first canine friend, Jingles, all passed away before he was born. Though they could not be with him in his journey, their spirits surely welcomed him with open arms.

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