Melanie Nolan Obituary, Member Of North Shore Australian Football Club has Died

Melanie Nolan Obituary, death – This comes as somewhat of a shock to me. She was at Blacktown on the day of the Premier Division Grand Final just over a week ago, cheering on our Seniors and Reserves. She was in the rooms after both games, got to handle the Reserves championship cup, and was back there commiserating with our Prems squad. She was there as recently as just over a week ago. She was there just over a week ago.
This is something that she has done regularly over the course of her nearly 20 years of employment at North Shore, where she currently works. Since quite some time ago, she has made Gore Hill her destination of choice whenever she is in the area. She has engaged in a range of volunteer duties, such as working a shift in the canteen, running water, hunting for a football or score cards for the forthcoming game, directing away team players and umpires to their rooms, and other activities of a similar nature.

She has also run the water.
Always happy and eager to strike up a discussion with the other people taking part in the activity. She wasn’t always as excited about these pastimes, unlike her dog Benji and the dog that came before him, Beau, who were always game for doing laps around Gore Hill or taking a break to meander and sniff around the graveyard, but she eventually warmed up to them. The clubhouse at Gore Hill served as her weekend home, and attending Bombers games was a consistent part of her life.
Mel was a rabid supporter of the Bombers, and she regarded as a personal friend anyone who adorned the team’s famous black-and-red guernsey. Mel loved the Bombers. Everyone at Gore Hill will miss her, since the atmosphere on game day won’t be the same without her presence, and she will be missed by all. Our Facebook page will be updated with information regarding the funeral at the right time, and you may check it out there.

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