Jason Wilhelm Obituary, 90 Day Fiance’ Amanda Wilhelm’s Husband Has Died

Jason Wilhelm Obituary, Death – Actress Amanda Wilhelm talked about her marriage to Razvan Ciocoi before the 90 Days and revealed that her husband passed away from ampullary cancer. Amanda, who lives in Eunice, Louisiana, is 31 years old. She joins the 90 Day Fiancé cast for the first time and will go to Romania to meet her future spouse.

In just a few months, Amanda’s online actor and lover Razvan, a model, persuaded her that she wanted to live her life with him. Amanda found Razvan to be a confidant as she dealt with her rocky past. The 90 Day Fiancé actress Amanda was married to Jason for eight years. She describes him as a jokester who loved to make others laugh while supporting his wife and their two kids. Amanda and her husband were best friends and had no concept what life would be like without them. Prior to the start of production on Before the 90 Days season 6, Amanda’s husband Jason started having respiratory problems.

90 days after they were engaged, Amanda Wilhelm’s husband, Jason Wilhelm, passed away.JasoJason, Amanda Wilhelm’s husband, speculated that he might have pneumonia or “something in his chest.”He had CT scans, head scans, and X-rays, but the doctors came up empty-handed.Jason kept telling his doctors, “No, I don’t feel right, something’s wrong,” though.Jason was diagnosed with stage 4 ampullary cancer throughout his body eight months later.If Jason had received chemotherapy, he might have had three more months to live.Jason’s death occurred ten days after his diagnosis, three days after Amanda forced him to go to the hospital.

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