Hudson Soll Obituary, Alberta , A Cherished Soul Has Passed Away

Hudson Soll Obituary, Death – Dolores “Lorry” Soll, 81 years old, a resident of Croton on Hudson, went away in a calm and tranquil manner on December 7th. Her devoted daughters Donna and Bill Conlin, as well as Linda and Joe Mangano, are the only ones to carry on her legacy after her passing. Lorry devoted her entire life to the field of nursing and worked in the Croton community up until the year 1991, when she finally retired.

Every moment that Lorry was able to spend with her loved ones was precious in her eyes, and she kept her family close to her heart at all times. Her family got together for meals and events, and everyone always seemed to be in a good mood and have a good time. Everyone who was fortunate enough to be in Lorry’s presence felt adored and valued thanks to her unique ability.

Along with her family, Lorry’s other source of happiness was spending time with the Senior Citizens. There, she was able to make connections with those who had the same zeal for life and vibrant spirit that she did. A memorial ceremony will be conducted at the Clark Funeral Home in Yorktown on Saturday, December 17, from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM.

During this event, friends and family of Lorry will join together to celebrate her life, look back on the good times together, and find comfort in one another’s companionship. The memory of Lorry will always be kept alive in the hearts of her family and in those whose lives she changed for the better through her compassion and generosity. Those people who had the good fortune to know her will have her memories as a source of solace and inspiration for the rest of their lives.




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