Cassidy Hinsberger Missing, Campbell River BC, Police Still Searching For Missing Person

Cassidy Hinsberger Missing – Two teens from the Campbell River and Sayward regions have been reported missing, and the RCMP in Campbell River is appealing to the general public for assistance in locating them as soon as possible.

On March 7, the missing status of Mason Cassidy, age 15, and Mason Claybourn, age 16, was officially reported to the Campbell River RCMP by their respective families. However, since the initial claim was made, there have been other instances in which the boys have been in communication with friends and relatives. The RCMP has published a press statement in which it indicates that there is cause to suspect that the boys might be actively avoiding contact with the police and might be finding safety in the houses of friends in the areas of Campbell River and Sayward.

This information can be found in the news release.The safety of the two adolescents is, according to Constable Maury Tyre’s statement, the primary focus of their attention at this point in the investigation. He makes it clear that the objective of their mission is to get in touch with Mason and Mason so that they can assure their safety. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are appealing to anyone who may have seen or spoken to the two teenagers who have gone missing, or who may be housing them, to get in touch with the authorities.

It is natural that some people may assume they are helping by granting refuge to these young men; nonetheless, it is essential to comprehend that this circumstance creates enormous anxiety and worry for those who are responsible for the wellbeing of these young men. Within the context of this investigation, the Campbell River RCMP is requesting help from the local community. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Campbell River RCMP at the number 250-286-6221 if you have any information about the whereabouts of Mason Cassidy or Mason Claybourn at the present time. Your assistance and any information you may have could be of critical importance in protecting the health and safety of these two adolescents who have gone missing.





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