Anthony Clayton Motorcycle Accident, Nashua New Hampshire, Man Has Passed Away

Anthony Clayton Obituary, Death – George Palazzo Jr., aged 53 and residing in Nashua, appeared before the Hillsborough County Superior Court Southern District to face charges of aggravated driving while intoxicated. Palazzo stands accused of driving over a median and colliding head-on with a motorcycle carrying two individuals, leading to their tragic deaths. The Honorable Judge Charles Temple attentively listened as the prosecutor recounted the incident that resulted in this loss of life.

According to the case documents, Palazzo informed the police that he had consumed three Mai Tai cocktails at the Lilac Blossom restaurant around midday. Following that, he went to Costco and then to La Hacienda restaurant, where he reportedly had two margaritas. The accident occurred as he was leaving the La Caretta parking lot, speeding onto DW Highway and subsequently losing control of his vehicle, crossing over the median.

Tragically, the collision claimed the lives of Anthony Clayton, 68, and Sayira Muriel, 51, both of Massachusetts, who were riding the motorcycle. The impact caused the motorcycle to become trapped beneath Palazzo’s vehicle, resulting in one victim being dragged along. Eventually, the motorcycle was dislodged from the vehicle, causing the second victim to be thrown.

Witnesses reported that Palazzo attempted to flee the scene in his vehicle but was blocked by a passerby who positioned their truck in front of him. Witnesses also noted that Palazzo appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and expressed concern about going to jail. At one point, he even made an attempt to enter his burning truck, stating that he just wanted to die.

The prosecution argued that Palazzo posed a danger to both himself and others and, therefore, requested that he be placed in preventive detention.Palazzo’s defense counsel countered that their client had strong family ties, including his wife, who was present in the courtroom. The defense emphasized that Palazzo had no prior criminal record and was a responsible family member.

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