Partey Remains Arsenal’s Key”

Ending weeks of speculation about Thomas Partey’s future, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has stated unequivocally that the player will continue to be employed by the club. Due to the fact that Partey arrived to the United States touring squad later than expected, there has been increased talk over his potential move, including proposals from Saudi Arabia.

But Arteta dispelled any thought that the midfielder would be leaving on the eve of their pre-season encounter against Manchester United in New Jersey. Arteta’s statement came the day before the match. When asked if he anticipated Partey would remain with the company, Arteta responded with a “Yes.” Every time we’ve had a conversation, he’s shown a desire to continue living with us. There is not even the slightest possibility of a move being made there.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, Thomas Partey is a very significant player for both our team and for me personally. There is no question in our minds that we want him to be a part of the squad. After dominating the MLS All-Stars by a score of 5-0 in their first preseason match, Arsenal will play their first “real” match of the summer against United. This is something that the head coach of the Gunners is looking forward to.

He explained, “Tomorrow’s test is going to be something very different, and obviously they are big rivals for us in the Premier League.” “Tomorrow’s test is going to be something very different,” ‘I think what happened last season was probably important to learn the things that you have to learn to get better and be successful and achieve what we want to achieve,’ he said in response to a question on how their competitors across the Premier League will approach them this season.

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