Harris Criticizes Florida Leaders in Speech

Vice President Kamala Harris dove headfirst into a culture war flashpoint on Friday when she criticized Florida Republicans for the newly approved set of standards for teaching Black history by the state Board of Education. She accused “so-called leaders” of pushing propaganda and willfully misleading children. This is just the most recent instance of Harris functioning as a rapid response voice for the administration.

She has been immediately deployed around the country in the immediate aftermath of a controversial vote or law being passed in order to deliver a robust rebuttal of efforts taken by state Republicans on firearms, abortion, and education. The Florida Board of Education on Wednesday approved a new set of criteria for how the subject of black history should be taught in the public schools of the state. This action sparked criticism from education and civil rights organizations who stated that pupils should be able to understand the “full truth” of American history.

“We are familiar with the background. In her angry and high-profile speech, Harris stated, “And let us not let these politicians who are trying to divide our country win.” “They are causing these pointless disputes by their actions. The question of whether or not enslaved people benefited from their situation is moot because of this. Are you kidding me? Are we expected to have a discussion about that?

Harris expressed her concern over the Republican party’s desire to “replace history with lies.” She brought attention to the new requirements, which, according to a document that was published on the website of the state’s Department of Education, mandate that training for middle school students must address “how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.

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